About me

Hi, my name is Kevin and welcome to my website which will eventually contain lots of useless information unless like me in your spare time you love running, enjoy cycling, open water swimming or making a mess in the kitchen.

I have 3 kids all boys – Daniel (23) and twins Michael & Andrew (20). My daughter Zoe sadly passed away on 17th March 2009 aged 18 following a short battle with Leukemia.

My long suffering other half Sam has put up with me since 2007 having to contend with me often disappearing for hours on end as I run round the local or not so local trails training for my next event which usually comprise of long distances from marathon distance upwards. She can often be found waiting around for hours on end at various events just to give me words of encouragement or to refuel me as I plod on towards the finish line way off in the distance.

I don’t just run, I have many other interests as well as running, Open Water Swimming, Cycling, Travelling, Photography and when I’m not doing something outside I enjoy reading historical fiction, usually revolving around the Egyptian or Roman Empires. I also enjoy dabbling in the kitchen cooking various types of cuisine from a good old fashioned roast to a Greek Gyros and am currently trying my hand at a bit of baking, trying to concoct the ideal cakes for fuelling me through my long runs.